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Balloon Clips with Ribbon 1000 per order

These balloon cup clips are made for latex balloons, they are sold in sealed bags of 1000. They are twist type balloon clip cups that already have a 48 inch pearl white curling ribbon attached to them for ease of use. These elegant, pearl white ribbon and clear cup blends with all colors of balloons and weights. As with all sealing devices float time will be diminished. We always recommend using 11 inch or larger balloons with sealing devices. For optamum float time, you should inflate your balloons only to their maximum size and hand tie.

Bags of 1000 are Sold for $74.99

Chain Clip Dispensers sold in 2

Quicky Chain Clip Dispensers #PC30022


Chain Clips-sold in 2 packs

2x1,000 peace Bag of Chain Clips. #PC47746 Chain Clips are our fastest and easiest method of sealing latex balloons. Attach the dispenser to the side of your helium cylinder, insert a strip of 25 chain clips and you're ready to go. Seal your latex balloons in just seconds, attach either curling ribbon or string to the dispenser, inflate your balloon, twist the neck of the balloon and the clip will seal it and attach the ribbon automatically. NOTE: Chain Clips do NOT include ribbon or string and we recommend the use of the Chain Clip Dispenser, Clip Dispensers attach easily to any standard helium cylinder


Clip n' Seal sold in 3

Plastic balloon clips are lightweight hinged clips with a groove in the middle for the balloon neck These balloon clips are manufactured specifically for latex balloons, they are sold in1000. These are the clip-type balloon clips that are designed to seal latex balloons and attach the ribbon or string in one easy step. Designed specifically for the 9"/23cm, 11"/28cm and 12"/30cm latex balloons. Balloon professionals use these very same balloon clips to make arches and columns with very little effort

1,000 clips Sold for $65.00; #8031000

Heavy Duty Twist-Lock Sticks-sold in 200 per pack

Heavy Duty Twist-Lock Sticks 2 x100 - 15"/38cm (5mm) virtually un-breakable solid (not hollow) display sticks that fit our cups securely every time. Perfect for Store Displays


High-Float Pump Kit

Universal High-Float Pump Kit #514365 Pump Kits can be used over and over again when properly cleaned you need this kit in order to use the Hi-Float


High-FLoat sold in 3

24oz Hogh Float Balloon Extender #505550 Only need enough for about 135 - 11" balloons, try the handy quart size


Light Weight Sticks-sold in 3 packs of a 100

3 x100 - 9"/23cm (3.7mm) versatile balloon sticks manufactured to prevent cracking or splintering


Micro Mylar Cups sold in 3 packs od 100 each

Micro-Mylar Cups 3 x100 - Original and preferred Micro Mylar Cups™ for micro foil or designer latex balloons


Self Sealing Valves with Ribbon sold in packs of 500

2 x250 Count Self-Sealing Valve with Ribbon #PC60250 Finally, self sealing balloon valves that are completely automatic eliminating the need for discs, clips, or even hand tying. Simply insert a valve into each balloon neck before inflating, then use any standard rubber or plastic latex tilt-valve to fill with helium. The width of these valve stems will allow them to be filled without any special equipment or costly adapters. Each seal comes with its own 4 foot long white satin curling ribbon already attached to the valve. These valves will work with all 9 to 12 inch helium quality wide neck latex balloon we sell.


Standard Mylar Cups sold in packs of 3

3 x100 - The Preferred choice for 9" (mylar) foils, different shapes and latex balloons For use 9" Mylar Balloons


Tying Discs sold 2 packs of 1000

For use sealing up to 16" latex balloons. So simple to use, just place several sealing discs onto the disc seal post of your inflator, then after inflating each of your latex balloons with helium wrap the neck of the balloon around the post and pull the tying disc tight. These discs passed the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Choke Test

2x1000 count latex Balloon Tying Discs #832400 - $36.99

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